Gallery - The Wedding Party

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Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic I have decided to extend the ‘safety net’ period for weddings affected by government restrictions in response to the global situation from SIX months to EIGHTEEN months or SIX months after restrictions are lifted, Whichever is the shortest. Full details available in my information pack.
Due to the events of 2020 I basically have a whole new system all in its original boxes in my storage facility as yet unused. They are all just sitting patiently for a chance to shine, and make some noise! Being forced to take a year off has given me the oportunity to renew and overhaul the complete system. Unfortunately the restrictions have prevented me from the chance to take photos of the changes I've made, at the moment I'm considering hiring an empty hall setting everything up and taking pictures and video. This option won't have the atmosphere of a function but it will offer an up to date show. So this page isn't empty I've posted some YouTube videos below taken over the past few years, enjoy.
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