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Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic I have decided to extend the ‘safety net’ period for weddings affected by government restrictions in response to the global situation from SIX months to EIGHTEEN months or SIX months after restrictions are lifted, Whichever is the shortest. Full details available in my information pack.

Full details are included in my information brochure which is available free of charge and without obligation by completing my contact form or emailing me HERE

I stated right at the start that you would not find a price list on my site, but I understand that may make a few people nervous, please don’t let it.
I would like to offer a few lines of explanation as to why I don’t offer ‘blanket’ pricing.
Many sole D.J’s and D.J agencies have a policy of ‘one price fits all'. In honesty they lose money on some bookings but gain on many more.
Because I offer a truly bespoke service it is likely your price will not be finalised until we have held a lengthy conversation on how you envisage your day.
In my brochure you will find exactly how I will calculate your price, and the payment schedule, each aspect of your day has a price attached but I will not charge you for things you don’t have or don’t need like travelling time, additional equipment or an assistant.
I am confident my method is fair, competitive often a pleasant surprise.
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