Although the country is taking tentative steps along the ‘roadmap to normality’ following the unprecedented situation surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic I have decided to extend the ‘safety net’ period for unseen circumstances, as detailed in the contract, for weddings affected by government restrictions in response to the global situation from SIX months to EIGHTEEN months or SIX months after restrictions are lifted, Whichever is the shortest. I am honouring this period start date until 21st June 2022 one year after restrictions are due to be lifted in England to cover the eventuality of a third wave, something we all hope will not materialise.

Once the restrictions are lifted on June 21st 2021 the safety period will return to SIX months unless new restrictions are put in place.

 Full details available in my information pack.


It is common practice of many; I’m sure perfectly adequate, mobile disco’s to brag the tagline:   

‘The Wedding Party’




When you say the words ‘Wedding Disco’ or ‘Wedding D.J’ most people have an instant mental image of Peter Kay’s wedding sketch. The sad thing is the majority of us, myself included, have experienced the stereotype’s Peter so skilfully portrayed.

I have been at family and friends wedding’s where the D.J had no idea of what the couple wanted as their first dance and didn’t have it. My cousin Natasha and her husband Rob were introduced by their D.J. as Natalie and Rod!

I had been working as a D.J. for a number of years, mainly on the club and pub circuit, I thought enough is enough ‘These idiots are ruining what should be the best day of these couples life’. I spoke with as many married couples as I could, watched many days worth of wedding videos, I gave questionnaires to those who would take them asking for the positives and negatives from their own wedding reception or one’s they had attended and the disco in particular. I correlated the data and formed the philosophies that became

‘The Wedding Party’

Over the years the model has evolved to keep up with and where possible be one step ahead of the ever changing wedding trends and to endeavour to offer the best in wedding day disco solutions in Essex, London, Suffolk and beyond.

Please follow the menu to go through the site where you can learn more about me, the philosophies that I believe set me apart from the crowd and have lead to my success, a little about my system and the packages I offer. One thing you won’t find on my site is a price list! Unlike many D.Js on the net, both good and bad, I don’t pluck a number out of the air and use it as a blanket price, losing on some functions, often gaining on many more.

Every Bride and Groom want different for their big day. That is why I offer a truly bespoke service tailored to give you and your guests a wedding celebration to remember, for the right reasons.

I will meet with you, and where possible, the conference and banqueting management from your venue to discuss in detail your requirements and make a record of them (civil service music, dinner music, speech microphones etc.) I will discuss any limitations imposed by your venue, look at access and the size of system needed to give the best show possible but without being overpowering. All of these factors set the price for your day. The pricing structure and much more is contained in my brochure. To receive a copy please call 07383 286668, email enq@theweddingparty.info or fill in the online contact form.   

My motto is…


So have it


Monday ~ Friday   10:00 ~ 21:00

07383 286668