Although the country is taking tentative steps along the ‘roadmap to normality’ following the unprecedented situation surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic I have decided to extend the ‘safety net’ period for unseen circumstances, as detailed in the contract, for weddings affected by government restrictions in response to the global situation from SIX months to EIGHTEEN months or SIX months after restrictions are lifted, Whichever is the shortest. I am honouring this period start date until 21st June 2022 one year after restrictions are due to be lifted in England to cover the eventuality of a third wave, something we all hope will not materialise.

Once the restrictions are lifted on June 21st 2021 the safety period will return to SIX months unless new restrictions are put in place.

 Full details available in my information pack.


Q1) When should I book?
A1) NOW, Currently I only accept about 20 weddings a year, and I do not sub contract work so to avoid disappointment the sooner you can book me the better.
Q2) How do I know I can rely on you turning up on the right day to the right place? What happens if you are ill etc.?
A2) Every booking I take is confirmed with a written contract, This sets out, in plain English, all of the details for your booking, the contract also covers procedures for such eventualities as illness and cancellation on your part. The short answer is I have never let a party down in over 30 years!
Q3) It’s a special day, How do I know you wont turn up with half a dozen mates all in dirty old jeans and tee shirts?
A3) For most functions there will be two of us, me and an assistant. However, should the venue be difficult to get in to, i.e. several flights of stairs or long corridors from entrance to the stage area. Or if the management of the venue only allow limited setting up and breaking down time, then I may need a third person, in this event you will be informed prior to the date of your function. During setting up we may wear smart jeans and screen printed tee shirts. For the function I will be dressed in casual attire, shirt and slacks through to formal evening dress, the choice is yours.
Q4) We only have a small / we have a very large venue will you be able to cope with the space?
A4) Although I love to use everything I have for a function sometimes this is impractical. My system can fill a 30′ stage or a tuck away in a corner. Ideally I like a space of about 8′ deep by 20′ wide. If you are concerned about positioning and space required I can advise on this, I am familiar with many venues and so may know the constraints your venue presents. Should you choose a venue I have not worked in previously I will request we meet there about a month prior to the function to run through points such as: access, positioning, time allowance etc.
Q5) Will you get everybody dancing?
A5) With over 30 years and countless functions experience behind me, a vast music collection on C.D and U.S.B stick combined with the ability to read the crowd 99.999% of the time yes.
Q6) What about the music, do you have our first dance, can we give you a play list, do you take requests on the night, what if we don’t want a particular song?
A6) Firstly the first dance, we all have our own special songs, and some are quite obscure! in 95% of cases I have the song you require in my collection, If I don’t I can usually find it. Should it be so rare that I do not have it and can’t find it, if you have a copy and are able to put it onto C.D or a U.S.B stick  I am happy to play it for your first dance. This would also be the case with any traditional music that may relate to your religion or ethnicity. While I welcome, and actually ask, for an indication of the songs and types of music you would like I would prefer it if you did not provide an exact playlist. In the past clients have provided each song they want in order of play and I have found this to be a mistake. I am happy to take requests and there will be request slips on each table and by my system during the evening. Just as I will ask you the songs etc. you would like to hear, I also ask you if there are any songs etc. You would not like. All of the above is detailed in the client’s questionnaire that you will fill in and I will have with me at your function.

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