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Although the country is taking tentative steps along the ‘roadmap to normality’ following the unprecedented situation surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic I have decided to extend the ‘safety net’ period for unseen circumstances, as detailed in the contract, for weddings affected by government restrictions in response to the global situation from SIX months to EIGHTEEN months or SIX months after restrictions are lifted, Whichever is the shortest. I am honouring this period start date until 21st June 2022 one year after restrictions are due to be lifted in England to cover the eventuality of a third wave, something we all hope will not materialise.

Once the restrictions are lifted on June 21st 2021 the safety period will return to SIX months unless new restrictions are put in place.

 Full details available in my information pack.


This is a brief synopsis of the equipment I use. Full details are included in my information brochure which is available free of charge and without obligation by completing my contact form or emailing me HERE.
 The equipment I use will vary from venue to venue and is always being updated. From the November 2019 and right through the nightmare of lockdown 2020 I have invested over £2000 on lighting effects, a computerised DMX lighting controller, a three metre heavy duty lighting gantry to cope with the new effects. I have also acquired a professional multimedia mixing unit allowing me to play from C.D. I am a hands on D.J. using mainly C.D. allowing me to make swift changes to the playing order. In my opinion C.D. also produces superior sound quality compared with most laptop and controller set ups. The multimedia system also allows me to play from a memory stick. This has several benefits. Firstly, in the unlikely event there is a specific track that you want and I cannot get hold of it and you have a copy I would suggest you put it on a stick, that I will provide, and I can then play your song without any risk, however slim, to your original.
Secondly, if I am playing backing music during your wedding breakfast I have various premixed sticks with durations from ninety minutes to three hours giving an uninterrupted flow throughout the meal, paused easily for any wine takings or announcements. The radio microphone provided for the top table speeches also play through the system.
On the whole the lighting system gels retro style lighting screens and glitter balls with state of the art laser and L.E.D moving heads, spotlights and effect lighting all D.M.X. controlled via a top of the range Asus laptop with the lasers and effect lighting suspended on the new gantry, two T bars or a combination of both.
All equipment is visually inspected between engagements and P.A.T. tested annually, incidentally, by the end of 2020 I will have completed the necessary training to be a qualified P.A.T. tester. From this point all equipment used will be tested after each function.
Not equipment but on the subject of safety, as a member of The D.J. Network I have public liability insurance to the value of £10,000,000.

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